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Activities with Partners



Over the years ISW developed many innovative activities, tapping into the creativity of its partners.

  • World Assembly of Water Wisdom

  • World Youth Parliament for Water

  • The Citizen's House of Water



The World Assembly of Water Wisdom brings together representatives of different groups:

Elected officials, civil society actors (NGO, unions, consumers), leaders of political opinion ( scientists, journalists, artists, etc.), representatives of the financial sector, local, national and international governance representatives, private, public and para-public service-providers, children and youth.

All these people voice their opinions as individuals and bring to the table not only their involvement in sustainable development but also their field knowledge of water management.

The World Assembly of Water Wisdom is composed ofof about sixty people. They meet during International Forums. It stresses equal participation of women and men, representation from the North and the South as well as from a wide range of sectors.

To-date, the World Assembly of Water Wisdom has sat twice: in Kyoto in 2003 during the Third World Water Forum and in Barcelona in 2004 during the Water Dialogues at the Universal Forum of Cultures.


The Parliament is an initiative of theInternational Secretariat for Water and of its network members around the world. The World Youth Parliament for Water took place in Québec city from November 18th to 20th, 2002. It brought together 80 youth, 14 to 18 years old, from 24 different counties. It was designed to allow youth to reflect on the challenges raised by water management in their respective countries and throughout the world.


This World Youth Parliament also participated in the preparatory work leading to the 2003 International Year of Water and the preparatory work leading to the first Assembly of Water Wisdom held in the Citizen's House of Water during the Third World Water Forum in Kyoto in March 2003.

The results:

  • Adoption of the Water Law by the World Youth Parliament for Water

  • Election of 6 representatives (ambassadors) and their replacement that sat at the World Assembly for Water Wisdom in Kyoto in March 2003

  • Multicultural exchange

  • rafting of a follow up plan


The concept of Youth Parliaments for Water was initiated by Solidarity Water Europe, an International Secretariat for Water partner. Parliaments participate in preparatory forums and worrkshops where presentations and debates trigger ideas leading into the parliamentary sitting.


The Citizen's House of Water is an interactive space promotingdialogue and dissemination of experiences concerning local water management projects in collaboration with the private/public/para-public and the associative sector. This friendly space fosters exchanges between international development actors from the North and the South, the East and the West.

The Citizen's House at the Hague saw the birth of the idea of the World Assembly of Water Wisdom. The Assembly sat for the first time in Kyoto in 2003.